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“When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney disease, I had very little advice from my doctor other than to keep my salt intake below 2 grams per day and drink lots of water. I had confusing lists of foods to avoid and in trying to follow the rules I began losing too much weight. I made an appointment with Zarana, supposedly for an hour. She actually spent almost two hours with me and, most importantly, she didn't waste a minute. To my great surprise, a diet tailored for me, based on my own lab results, allows me to eat many more foods. A healthier and more interesting diet is possible when my own calcium, potassium, protein and other factors are considered. Best of all - after six weeks I had labs done again and there was definite improvement in my lab results. I credit Zarana for that and for helping my motivation to stick with the changes. The depth of her knowledge inspires confidence. I know if I get stuck I have a teacher to help." - C. Cameron
"In making the appointment to see Zarana Parekh; I had no clear expectations except I wanted to learn how my food choices were affecting my overall health.  I’ve had a lot of digestive problems and suffer from severe migraines.  We discussed LEAP and I decided to try it.  It has been a very educational experience to say the least.  To see how your body reacts to different foods is really amazing.  I was very skeptical and thought there would be no way I would be able to tell when my body was having a reaction.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The program has been surprisingly easy to follow and Zarana checks in with me often to see if I have any questions or concerns.  My digestive problems are getting on track and my daily headaches have vanished at this point.  I’ve only had 2 severe migraines in 8 weeks when normally I would have 3-4 each week.  I’m really excited about my progress and am grateful I chose Zarana Parekh as a provider." - C. Rodriguez
" Zarana is professional and thorough. She is pretty knowledgeable. What we liked in her approach that it is sustainable on long term and no crash diets. I highly recommend Zarana and already did to my friends and family." - V. Ujjini
" I met with Zarana and she patiently listened to my needs and goals. Then she came up with a specific plan for me. I loved that she incorporated alternate protein sources (because I’m vegetarian). But the most important to me was that her plan included Indian foods that I grew up with! No plan should exclude food groups or foods that you love. Zarana was able to come up with something that was moderate and healthy!!" - S. Rao
" I found Zarana through internet search. My visit with Zarana was really great; she answered all my questions. She is knowledgable and helpful. she calculated the calories I should be taking according to my pregnancy weeks, and also gave me the list of food items with higher benefits and nutrition, which helped me a lot. I really appreciate her help. I would definitely recommend her services to my friends and family." - S.I.