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Strawmeloney Popsicle

Natural, Sugar free, Paleo, Homemade

Beat summer heat with these cool homemade fruit popsicle with only 4 natural ingredients and absolutely no sugar and artificial ingredients. My kids love to eat popsicles especially during summer break. I am not a fan of store bought  popsicles as they  are loaded with high fructose corn syrup, sugars, artificial colors and ingredients and… Read more »

Happy Heart Day!

   Savory Heart Patties Heart day is here! We are surrounded by lots of love and tons of sweets around us. Grocery store isles are full of chocolates, cakes and cookies….But, as we celebrate our love for each other; What about something really HEALTHY FOR THE HEART? How about something savory on this Valentine’s day? I… Read more »


Last night I wanted to eat something very tasty yet very healthy for dinner (or should I say Nutrilicious?); so, I decided to make tacos with a twist! You can never go wrong with Tacos; right? I used quinoa with lots of vegetables as my filling for tacos. Quinoa is one of my favorite as… Read more »