NutriliciousbyZ provides nutrition and wellness consulting for you and your family’s nutrition needs. We are very passionate about helping people make right food choices and adapt a healthy lifestyle. We offer various services to suit your needs. Call us today and we can help you pick out the best plan for you and book your appointment with us.

Did you know – your insurance may cover your nutrition consult? Check out our insurance page for details…

Individual Assessment

Initial Consult:

In your initial visit, we take detailed information on your health status, your current intake, Height, weight, BMI, medications, labs results and perform a comprehensive nutritional assessment to determine your nutrition needs, establish your individual goals and develop a personalized plan to achieve your health goals. We recommend that you bring all your lab results, medications for review.

Follow-up Consult:

We recommend a follow-up session in 3-4 weeks based on your nutrition needs, goals and your plan developed during your initial visit. During your follow up visit; we monitor your progress, evaluate barriers and make necessary changes and recommendations to your nutritional plan.