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"After seeing the care and compassion that Zarana demonstrated to my daughter in dealing with extreme food allergies, I decided that I would consult with her too for my own dietary challenges. As a 55 year old woman, I have seen my weight increase. While I may not be obese, I was unwilling to take diet pills or diet supplements. I knew that I needed to make some changes in how I approach my health. Zarana helped me see the mind/body connection and truly helped me get back on a healthy track. She provided logical and reasonable goals and suggestions. Although there was nothing dramatic, I noticed results almost immediately. I feel better than I’ve felt in 10 years. I have incentive to make further gains, I have acceptance of some personal challenges, and I have a healthy outlook on life. What a difference in my goals and outlook!" - Cathy

"By the time I visited with Zarana Parekh of NutriliciousbyZ, my body and mind both were extremely stressed. Desperately seeking answers for what seemed to be my allergic reaction to everything I ate, and after having been told by my allergist that, “it was all in my head,” and “I needed therapy,” I sought the help of Zarana. Her kind reassurance, obvious knowledge and confident recommendations all worked together to validated to me that I was in good hands at last. Together we determined that the MRT test and LEAP program were my best resources for healing and getting better. She has taught me that food is such an integral part for healing and overall health which includes the combination of body and spirit. After only a month and a half, I am feeling much better and more confident than ever that with her help, I will continue on my path to recovery and whole body health. Before Zarana, I was losing hope. Because of Zarana, I now not only have hope, I am making tremendous headway in my allergic and food sensitivity journey and getting amazing results." - K.Wingo

"Working with Zarana during the process of the MRT testing and LEAP diet was a pleasure. At first, I was a little skeptical about the process, but she was able to reassure me and answer any questions I had. She makes every experience a custom one. She also shared a number of recipes and ideas, showing her commitment to me as her client. Zarana is also very patient since I needed an interpreter for the language! I feel so much better since I started the diet, and I recommend it to anyone who is potentially suffering from food intolerance." - Karima E.

“When I was diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney disease, I had very little advice from my doctor other than to keep my salt intake below 2 grams per day and drink lots of water. I had confusing lists of foods to avoid and in trying to follow the rules I began losing too much weight. I made an appointment with Zarana, supposedly for an hour. She actually spent almost two hours with me and, most importantly, she didn't waste a minute. To my great surprise, a diet tailored for me, based on my own lab results, allows me to eat many more foods. A healthier and more interesting diet is possible when my own calcium, potassium, protein and other factors are considered. Best of all - after six weeks I had labs done again and there was definite improvement in my lab results. I credit Zarana for that and for helping my motivation to stick with the changes. The depth of her knowledge inspires confidence. I know if I get stuck I have a teacher to help." - C. Cameron
"In making the appointment to see Zarana Parekh; I had no clear expectations except I wanted to learn how my food choices were affecting my overall health.  I’ve had a lot of digestive problems and suffer from severe migraines.  We discussed LEAP and I decided to try it.  It has been a very educational experience to say the least.  To see how your body reacts to different foods is really amazing.  I was very skeptical and thought there would be no way I would be able to tell when my body was having a reaction.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The program has been surprisingly easy to follow and Zarana checks in with me often to see if I have any questions or concerns.  My digestive problems are getting on track and my daily headaches have vanished at this point.  I’ve only had 2 severe migraines in 8 weeks when normally I would have 3-4 each week.  I’m really excited about my progress and am grateful I chose Zarana Parekh as a provider." - C. Rodriguez
" Zarana is professional and thorough. She is pretty knowledgeable. What we liked in her approach that it is sustainable on long term and no crash diets. I highly recommend Zarana and already did to my friends and family." - V. Ujjini
" I met with Zarana and she patiently listened to my needs and goals. Then she came up with a specific plan for me. I loved that she incorporated alternate protein sources (because I’m vegetarian). But the most important to me was that her plan included Indian foods that I grew up with! No plan should exclude food groups or foods that you love. Zarana was able to come up with something that was moderate and healthy!!" - S. Rao
" I found Zarana through internet search. My visit with Zarana was really great; she answered all my questions. She is knowledgable and helpful. she calculated the calories I should be taking according to my pregnancy weeks, and also gave me the list of food items with higher benefits and nutrition, which helped me a lot. I really appreciate her help. I would definitely recommend her services to my friends and family." - S.I.