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Is your food making you sick?

You or your loved one may have experienced that some foods don’t sit well. Millions of American suffer from food sensitivities. Food sensitivities are non-allergic (non-IgE), inflammatory reactions. They involve multiple mechanisms and may be governed by either innate or adaptive immune pathways. They’re one of the most important sources of inflammation and symptoms across a wide range of chronic inflammatory conditions.

Medical research has shown that food reactions can be involved in wide array of symptoms and chronic health problems. By identifying and eliminating your trigger foods, you can improve your health and vitality.

what is the difference?

Food Allergy

Food allergy is an immediate immune reaction that you can experience to a specific food – for example, peanuts. Every time you eat peanuts, you may break out in hives or have a more serious anaphylactic reaction.

Food Sensitivity

Food sensitivities are non-allergic inflammatory reactions. They may be delayed and symptoms range widely from GI symptoms, migraine or weight fluctuations.

client reviews

on uncovering food sensitivities

Working with Zarana during the process of the MRT testing and LEAP diet was a pleasure. At first, I was a little skeptical about the process, but she was able to reassure me and answer any questions I had. She makes every experience a custom one. She also shared a number of recipes and ideas, showing her commitment to me as her client. Zarana is also very patient since I needed an interpreter for the language! I feel so much better since I started the diet, and I recommend it to anyone who is potentially suffering from food intolerance.
Karima E.

Medical Conditions

Where Sensitivities Can Play a Primary or Secondary Role

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If you want to learn if food sensitivities are root cause of your chronic health problems, schedule a call with me to identify your personalized food triggers. From there, we can develop a personalized eating plan for you based on your lab results.