Nutrilicious virtual consultations

Personal guidance to help you on your nutrition and health journey

Initial Consult

In your initial visit, we take detailed history of your current nutrition intake,health history, Symptoms, labwork, medications and supplements and perform a comprehensive nutritional assessment to determine your nutrition needs, establish your individual goals and develop a personalized nutrition and lifestyle recommendations to achieve your health goals. We may recommend additional testing as needed. We recommend that you fill out all the forms prior to your visit. We will also develop a plan for your follow-up visit.

Follow-up Consult

We recommend a follow-up session in 2-3 weeks based on your nutrition needs, goals and your plan developed during your initial visit. During your follow up visit; we review and additional labs, monitor your progress, evaluate barriers and ways to overcome them. We will modify your nutrition plan as needed.

Consultation Packages

Commit to Your Health

Packages include 1:1 visits with the Registered Dietitian. Packages offer a discount to you and are a great way to commit to your health.

Choose between five and eight session packages to make the up-front commitment to improving your health through better eating.